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Contact me

Should you wish to contact me directly about anything that has been raised on this blog or you just want to speak to me please use the following contact details:

Phone:           0044 1306 870 949

Mobile:          0044 7917 870 342

E-mail:           james.dearsley@atlasuk.net

SKYPE:          jamesdearsleys

I look forward to hearing from you.


2 Responses to “Contact me”

  1. Elie said

    Could not find your article on Cyprus real estate. I’m not interested in the Turkish side only the Greek side.

    • Hi Elie, thank you for your interest. The article I had just written was with regard the Spanish Real Estate Market. I should be writting one about the Southern Cypriot marketplace soon. Certainly, I agree, in part with your thoughts (that you sent me on LinkedIn) as the market has been relatively sheltered over there. However, the developers have actually been increasing prices, but cutting demand, and thus maybe creating a rather false cloud of buoyancy out there – we will see what happens in the next six months.

      Best wishes.


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