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Introducing our new Finnish Agent

Posted by jamesdearsley on October 11, 2010

In my industry and established Agent Network is paramount. Without good distribution networks into Europe you are simply a one dimensional sales machine. I have seen this first hand in the last two years as the companies only focussing on the UK and Irish Markets have fallen flat.

Fortunately because we had diversified over the last five years into the European market place and focused our systems to be European friendly we have flown through with flying colours as our European network has supported the UK markets; often seen as the breadwinners.

As the market returns we have seen the Scandinavian markets really explode as their economies enjoy a very healthy period. In particular the Swedish market is taking off thanks to a strong currency and this is also the case with Denmark. Norway, though slow to begin with is also starting to take shape. The one enigma both as a market and as a country is Finland. Being in the Euro obviously makes it attractive but also its insular market and language barriers make it a tough market to crack – often Scandinavian people can speak Norwegian, Danish and Swedish but very rarely can they all speak Finnish.

Atlas International were keen to push this market place having been strong there in the past and hence have teamed up with Habita, one of the largest real estate firms in the country. With 46 offices and over 250 personnel, it certainly appears an attractive proposition and partnership.

Adding further weight to our established position in Scandinavia, I am sure Habita will do very well in what is becoming a more attractive overseas market place every day. We are using the launch pad of the Helsinki Overseas Property Show , held on the 23rd and 24th of October as the launch pad for this relationship.

One Response to “Introducing our new Finnish Agent”

  1. Interesting development, James. I hope it does well for you. I am sure it will.

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