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Property Exhibition in Poland

Posted by jamesdearsley on May 18, 2010

I was lucky enough to recently attend an exhbition in Polands 2nd largest city, Lodz. Very interesting and quite eye opening I have to say. It was predominantly an exhibition promoting Lodz and there was a surprising amount of choice it has to be said. However, my agents felt it was worth the risk to show some overseas property there as well. After all prices in Spain and Turkey are now far lower than buying a property in Poland. Where would you rather be?

Anyway, the exhibition was a relative success especially considering no one was going there to buy a property in Spain. What it taught me though was the potential in the Eastern European countries, or some of them at least. Poland after all, was the only country in the EU to still have a positive growth last year – there is a lot to be said for that.

I should think Eastern Europe will be on my radar for some time to come especially considering the venues. I have to post this photo of the outside. There was a very lovely flower market going on at the same time and the statue outside the venue was a gigantic jet plane. How very bizarre but then I suppose I was in Poland!


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