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The Overseas property market in 2010

Posted by jamesdearsley on April 27, 2010

I was very recently lucky enough to be a panelist at “The Place in the Sun” exhibition at Earls Court in London. It made me really think about the market for 2010 as it was such a positive exhibition. The stands were busy, the seminars that I was a part of were very busy and generally people seemed very upbeat. So what does this mean for 2010?

One thing that I noticed was the interest in the “old and established” markets and Spain was undoutably number one on the hit list. There was also an interesting amount of interest in France, Cyprus and Italy as well which just shows that the proven markets have made a comeback.

I was also finding that the market place was very much orientated towards two markets; permanent move or just simple investment on a 5 year scale. The former was very apparent in the seminas I was taking part in and essentially people were fed up with the UK and wanted to move abroad. The mentality of “we have been suffering a recession for two years now and so want to see it out in the sun” was the case. The other market was very interesting. Clients were approaching it very much more like a business than we have seen in the past. The astute were looking at the resale and repossession market and realising that good deals could be made.

All in all a very interesting exhibition, one that reestablished the old firm as the favourites to capitalise in the overeseas property world for 2010. What with this and the gradual recovery of Sterling against the Euro, 2010 could be a very interesting year.


4 Responses to “The Overseas property market in 2010”

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  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for your great feedback on Twitter and on your blog here also.

    Did you get a feel at all for whether there was any serious interest in CEE (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, etc.) property?


    • Hi Nathan,

      Sorry for the delay in replying, I have to say the majority of the interest was the established market places. However, I do feel there is an interest, from an investment standpoint on some of the Eastern European markets. I do hear of a lot of interest in Poland for example though sadly not, in your interests, the Czech Republic – but I will say that this could be an indicator of the company I represent. We have never looked into those markets as our client base is predominantly Mediterranean.

      Best of luck Nathan and thanks for the comments.


  3. FourEd said

    This sounds like an interesting exhibition. I expect these types of shows would have become more and more popular over the last few years, as this is where people can get easily accessible professional advice.

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