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Expansion continues in our Dutch market

Posted by jamesdearsley on December 1, 2009

Witte Woningen Broker Meeting 2009

I am sitting in Schipol airport as I write this piece as my flight has just been delayed which sadly is not the first time I have had this experience from here! Anyway, it does allow me to reflect on my experience today with the Real Estate Agent, Witte Wonigen Makleers http://www.wittewoningmakelaars.nl/

It was their annual conference and all the franchise offices around Holland came near the town of Almelo in the East of Holland (about 2 hours drive from Schipol) to discuss the market. It seems that the Dutch market has been having similar difficulties to most of its European neighbours in the last 18 months but, as with many countries, are confident about the future.

Our UK and European markets are built around a network of Agents and usually the best are those that have bought a property though us. Their natural enthusiasm and love for the country they have purchased as well as the love for our company means it usually is a fantastic relationship. It is something that I believe sets the company apart from others because both the pre sales, inspection or viewing trip and post sales procedure are usually carried out by past clients who have been so pleased with our service that they end up working for us.

However, we have worked with other agents in the past and the natural thought is that domestic Real Estate agents are a natural source of clients and the markets seem to fit together well. Sadly, this is not always the case. In a depressed domestic market selling overseas property can be a very lucrative and much needed secondary income but when the market returns, often the overseas element is not considered.

Herman Bruggink introducing the Atlas International Contingent

Having said that I have been very impressed by the set up of Witte Woningen Makleers and believe they are setting up a very good model to take forward. Especially with a portion of commission earned being recycled back into marketing of purely overseas property. That is a very good and positive decision taken by the management and should benefit each franchisee.

I also believe this could be different as we have worked hard for the last couple of years managing our internal systems such that we can offer more to not only large, fractionalised companies who become agents but also to European based Agents. The market is totally different to that of the UK market. We are now perfectly placed to take full advantage of the European and Asian market and today was another great platform to explain this point.

From what I have seen and heard today (though it was 100% Dutch with the exception of my presentation!) the set up Witten Woningen Makleers have could do very very well in the Dutch market and I am expecting some quite exciting progression as the Dutch market continues to battle out of the woes of 2008 and 2009. 2010 could be a very interesting and exciting year for them.


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