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Weekly Paper Review – June 15th

Posted by jamesdearsley on June 15, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week.

papersThere were some really interesting articles this week though mainly focussed on the UK property market – Please click on the Box.net application to the left of your screen for the Audio download. They were focussed on two main stories

  1. The recovery of the UK market starting from the South and London in particular
  2. The mortgage rates and that they are likely to head nortwards in coming weeks as Banks try to make record profits once more.

A lot of these stories I can really relate back to the article I wrote last week regarding the property market going through a “W” recovery as it just seems obvious that this is what is going to happen if the banks continue to profit from the recovering market. I really hope this reverses soon.

There is also a thought in my mind at the moment, which I have been considering for some time now that the UK will end up in a more European style of homeownership. One article over the weekend stated that the UK and Spain head up the Home Ownership tables with 70% of us owning wheras Germany has only 40%. Could this all be the start of the UK having much greater numbers of people renting? Could we get to the state of having “Super-Landlords” who own lots of property? This could be the way we are heading and could really be a bad thing for amateur landlords; it will drive down rental prices and yields and only those with a good equity level will thrive……..it will be interesting.

Some of the articles that I have commented on are here:

http://tinyurl.com/mjywpf – Times artictle about Mortgage rates

http://tinyurl.com/mchhwe – Similar to above from the FT

http://tinyurl.com/nrtgxj – Recovery in the London Prime Homes – The FT

http://tinyurl.com/lhjvz8 – Times article about North/South divide in House prices

http://tinyurl.com/mmo4ph – Observer article about the Young giving up on Home Ownership

Thank you everyone, have a good week.



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