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Weekly Paper Review – June 1st

Posted by jamesdearsley on June 1, 2009

papersHello everyone and welcome to a new month!

There was quite a lot of house news this week in the papers and mainly focuesd on the UK market which showed some good figures last week. Find on the left hand side of this blog the “Box.net” application with my review on the papers. I also give some insight into my thoughts on the UK market looking at a “W” shaped recovery rather than a “V” shaped one which I think is quite evident at the moment with regard the latest housing figures.

Some of the articles I cover are in the links below if you expand out the article. I hope it is of some help to you all.

Telegraph article about prices stabilising – http://bit.ly/nasHN

FT article about UK market – http://bit.ly/16Bio2

Times discussion about no new houses being built – http://bit.ly/38S6B8 

I haven’t covered these but it looks like “Gazumping” is back as the supply and demand in the housing market weekens – it could get interesting – http://bit.ly/sxVea and http://bit.ly/K2BNs 

The Observer and the concern in the Overseas Property Industry – http://bit.ly/JJ0Vo

Best wishes and here’s to a good week.


One Response to “Weekly Paper Review – June 1st”

  1. […] market due to recently published figures; these were included in my post last week concerning the Weekly Paper Review – I was discussing something called a “W” Shaped Recovery. It got a huge response on both […]

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